Thursday, 22 July 2010

I'm bored and that's not fair!

Oh no, not me, but the two bundles of testosterone that I will be picking up from school later ready to embark on six weeks of school holidays...all based at home in lovely Suffolk.

Already this week alone I've heard those particular utterences of discontent many times over and they haven't even finished school.  With six weeks ahead of us I need a plan, otherwise I'll be joining in myself and that's not fair at all is it. 

So I'm iniitiating the equivalent of a "Swear Box" for the whole summer and every time either boy mumbles those  familiar phrases, they will have to donate 20p pocket money into my collection box....yes MY collection box....all for me...

Now hang on a mo...[scratches head and develops evil grin] this could be a nice little earner if I play my cards right.  And the key is in planning the right kind of activities to fill the holiday.

So what do you think about a daily routine of shoe polishing, or even floor polishing, washing up, dusting, weeding, cleaning out the car, sorting out the chicken poo...oh and the lovely task of repainting the fence.

As well as the chance to put my feet up, that should guarantee me a tidy income indeed.

And I might even thow in a trip to the supermarket if they're lucky.  Ooooh it's beginning to look like a fruitful summer already and I could even add a few more phrases to the list of things I don't want to hear.

Happy holidays everyone.  Hope you have a good one!


  1. Dont forget to ban TV, Computers, Games Consoles and friends around to play. I remember it so well, those were the days... enjoy!

  2. LOL Grumps...I'm working so hard on not just banning the TV, but removing it from the house completely mwahahahahahaha ;0)