Monday, 19 July 2010


So yesterday, I hit 42!  It's a funny age you know, a really big one but not huge enough for a major celebration, more like a "yeah right, nothing to see here, move on" kind of birthday.

Now, the thing about 42 is that for fans of the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, the number represents the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything as calculated by Deep Thought, a huge supercomputer.  Although after seven and a half million years it doesn't yet know the ultimate question.

So in honour of turning 42 this week, I too have come up with some answers, but they're not numbers, more like Cannardisms on my life, my own little universe and a few pieces of everything about me.  But like Deep Thought I too haven't worked out the ultimate question.

The problem is, I only managed 21, so in the bid to get to 42 I'd love you to share your own wisdom in the comments below.  Here's my list to get you cracking.  Everyone can join in, but also I'm tagging a few lovely bloggers including Strawberry Jam Anne, Condo Blues, Jo Beaufoix, The Babbling Mummy, Grumpyoldwoman, Mummydothat and Violet Posy to also dabble in their own moments of Deep Thought.

Anyway, here are my very own Cannardisms to get you rolling...rolling where I don't know, as long as it's not off to the bin.

1. If music be the food of love, let laughter serve up a dessert full of passion.

2. Eccentricity isn't odd, it's just innovation of the mind.

3. "Stop, look & Listen" can help you in more ways than just crossing the road.

4. If you're feeling down, hang up some bunting.

5. If  "to be, or not to be" is the million dollar question, you could always phone a friend.

6. Treat your career like a cake.  Share your deliciousness with those who'll take the time to appreciate you instead of the greedy buggers who will just gobble you up and want two for the price of one!

7. If there's a hole in your bucket turn it into a plant pot!

8. When it's impossible to outrun your kids, sit back and admire their stamina.

9. You can make anyone smile if you try hard enough.

10. If you don't like your body, admire someone else's.

11. Remember, the only person who can think totally like you is you.

12. To achieve unity, you need to respect diversity

13. Nothing grows without nourishment.

14. Satisfaction comes easy if you appreciate what you've got and know what you want.

15. Football is not a game of two halves, it's a micro-economy of supply and demand.

16. Diamonds are forever and so is glass that's buried in landfill.

17. Kids say the funniest things, so write them down and pen a sitcom!

18. When life goes tits-up, smile and do a moonie!

19. Take time to feel sorry for yourself then stop and show empathy for others.

20. If your seeds don't grow where you planted them, don't give up, just look for a sunnier spot next time.

....and last but not least...

21. Always remember, Christmas is just a date and not a deadline!


  1. If life gets you down, lock yourself in your shed!

  2. LOL, top which case, I'd better dash and get some solar lights ;0) x

  3. If in doubt, the answer is 42. Happy birthday when it comes this week!

  4. Happy birthday Karen and remember 42 is only a number. A x

  5. Thanks Cartside...yes, the answer is 42 LOL. You're right :-)

    Thank you too Anne, it is and I won't worry until it's at least doubled ;-) x

  6. Thank you for the tag and Happy Birthday! Ummm I'm a bit useless at this sort of thing but...

    A few close friends is better than many fair weather friends.

    Sod the housework and spend time with your children whilst they're young enough to want to play with you.

    Drink wine, be happy!