Saturday, 19 February 2011

So many distractions

So here's where I fully confess to being crap at blogging lately.   Please don't anyone mention how it's been almost three months since my last blogpost here.

How the blimmin' 'eck did that happen?  After all I used to blog all the time!

But let's see.  There was the flu, then Christmas and the most horrendous of colds and I can't ignore the small fact that it's been much easier to bung up an update on Facebook.  However, I can't blame it all on illness, festivities or the online equivalent of the local pub.  I've actually spent much of my natural hibernating time getting offline and going out and have become busier than the busiest buzzing bumblebee.

And yes, there has been opportunity to blog, but to be honest, there has been so much happening, I just haven't known where to start.  It's not so much blogger's block, but blogger's bombardment.  And the process of mental editing before fingers even touched the keyboard, finally got the better of me.

It probably all started when I volunteered my finely tweeked busy-body skills to Never Mind The Buzzcock's Phill Jupitus, where I jumped in head-first to organise the Bury St Edmunds leg of his book tour.  Yes I know...Phill Jupitus!  It was BIG news for a little blogger!  So why didn't I blog about it?  Well, primarily there was that issue of discretion but also I couldn't overcome the fear that man with the randy-sounding email address was just an imposter. And I remained to be convinced that the call from the bloke with the Essex accent was the genuine article until the big man himself turned up at the back entrance of Waterstone's.  And then I got the flu and my part in the book-tour was old news.  Great book by the it and look it up!

Waking up to 2011 in more of a back-down-to-earth manner, I decided to put my best foot forward to commit to new work projects. Even though I'm still knee-deep in rubbish issues which are even taking me as far and wide as Brussels, elsewhere, the Philanthropic Housewife within me has been busy with a new column of the same name, which shares the virtues of simply doing nice stuff.

And as for my leisure time, I began the new year with a mission to fill it with new skills.  With so much happening,  I can't even begin to find a suitable starting point for filling you in properly on my fledging flirtations with scriptwriting classes, Zumba dancing and crochet lessons, whilst travelling around Suffolk using any route but the A14.

I think it's best to leave it to my Twitter\Facebook\blogging pal Janet to bring you up to speed regarding what I got up to yesterday.  She's far more efficient at blogging, not to mention the craft of crochet!  The picture I've included is of my first attempts of juggling a crochet hook with a ball of yarn.

All I can say is the crochet needs as much co-ordination as the Zumba and that one day, there'll probably be a comedy-script hitting the BBC writers room that features both, with Phill Jupitus being head-hunted for a leading role.
And if that really does happen, I'll be sure to blog about it.